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5 out of 5 stars based on 165 reviews.

Patient Review By Balinda W

Everyone was friendly and helpful . I would highly recommend them to everyone.

- Balinda W

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Patient Review By Evelyn B

I had a difficult situation that required extra time on their part! It was a totally positive experience! EVERYone was happy, kind, engaging, professional, efficient and very considerate! They answered questions, gave explanations, and often asked about my comfort and endurance levels. I love that office! They are phenomenal!

- Evelyn B

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Patient Review By Eric H

My procedure was a little out of the ordinary, I knew something was happening with my tooth, but there was a lack of pain or sensitivity. Dr VanDusen was very thorough testing my tooth along with the surrounding teeth. X-rays didn't really indicate a problem. After isolating the correct tooth, it was determined I did need the root canal procedure. The entire procedure was extremely well done. Becca was assisting with the procedure, both Dr VanDusen & Becca were constantly checking to make sure I was comfortable. I would give you guy's a ten star rating if I could have!! Thanks again! Wish I would have known Dr VanDusen went to Creighton University, I used to live in Omaha and as a child, had several procedures done at the Creighton Dental College. ( small world )

- Eric H

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Patient Review By Ginny C

It is hard to find the words to express how appreciative I am of Dr. Horwat. His expertise, skill, and kindness are beyond my expectations. Likewise, his staff is friendly and professional. Thank you all for taking care of me.

- Ginny C

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Patient Review By Tom S

Dr. Tomlinson and the staff were ver welcoming and made sure to be attentive and addressed all my concerns and questions. She was professional and experienced, and made sure any discomfort and pain were kept to a minimum throughout the process. I could not be more satisfied with the whole process, even now several hours later after the anesthesia has warn off no pain at all. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Tomlinson in particular.

- Tom S

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Patient Review By Jennifer A

I can’t thank Dr Tomlinson, her assistant, and your staff enough for getting me in and being patient with my anxiety! Truly amazing bedside manner and customer service! Thank you all so much!!!!

- Jennifer A

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Patient Review By Carress S

Dr. Horwat is awesome- no pain during my procedure! His staff is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Carress S

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Patient Review By Joni R

Dr Tomlinson and her staff are excellent. They showed constant concern about my well-being. I am very impressed and will tell other people about how great my experience was.

- Joni R

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Patient Review By Chris F

I was nervous about the pain during/after a root canal. I had zero discomfort throughout the entire process of a root canal and internal bleaching. Dr. Horwat was very confident and thorough during my procedures and follow-up. Thank you to all the staff for making this as easy as I could have possibly imagined.

- Chris F

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Patient Review By Michael S

My first root canal therapy ever was made comfortable by Dr. Austin and his staff. Dr. Austin and staff was very informative about the procedure. It was a pleasure to have this friendly interaction with Dr Austin and all of the staff.

- Michael S

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Patient Review By Amelia W

Dr VanDusen is the best Endodontics I’ve ever been to. He made me feel comfortable. So kind and sweet. The entire office was amazing. I was so nervous but shortly went away soon after meeting him. I didn’t feel anything. Also, did not even have to take any pain meds or even a Tylenol. If you want the best he’s the one!! Faye Woods

- Amelia W

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Patient Review By Angie G

Very understanding and kind. Dr. Horwart is awesome. Medical staff was very professional and strive to give excellent care to their patients. Scheduling was quick and easy. I had no wait time on appt day. Front desk was helpful and friendly. Billing information was was easy to understand.

- Angie G

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Patient Review By Robert H

Everything thing was great and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

- Robert H

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Patient Review By Christina M

Amazing staff This is a great place to get a root canal done fast ! Dr.Horwat and his dental assistant were so professional and on point !

- Christina M

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Patient Review By Alberta R

Staff was very helpful and pleasant. The office and restroom was spotless. The procedure was almost painless except the shots and as bad as I hate shots. His technique was amazing and his communication was clear and easy to understand. It was wonderful to see all of the positive vibes and beautiful smiles. Highly recommended! Thank y’all. Happy Thanksgiving

- Alberta R

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Patient Review By Tammy L

Dental work has always been a nightmare for me but Dr. Horwat and staff made it as comfortable and pain free as possible. Although I’ll never be one to “run” have dental work done I would definitely recommend Dr. Horwat and staff.

- Tammy L

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Patient Review By Cheryl D

The office is beautiful and the staff is so nice. Dr Horwat was amazing and explained everything he was doing As he was doing it And made sure I was okay The entire time. I was super nervous before my appointment but everyone made me feel very comfortable by the time I was sitting in the dentist chair.

- Cheryl D

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Patient Review By Lester O

I wouldn't normally equate a root canal with a great experience, but that is exactly what i had with Dr Horwat. The entire procedure was done quickly and without pain. He is also extremely professional and answered all of my questions. When I left his office I felt very fortunate to have my tooth repaired by such a great endodontist. I am so grateful to this man. He even gave me a huge discount because I did not have insurance. God bless him - the doctor has restored my faith in mankind! I don't say that lightly. I highly recommend Bluegrass Endodontics and entire staff.

- Lester O

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Patient Review By Justin W

All staff very professional. Doctor explained procedure very well before and after. Assistant and doctor very respectful and caring throughout. I have no reluctance about recommending to others.

- Justin W

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Patient Review By Bobbie K

The staff was very caring and attentive as was Dr. Horwat. There was no pain and the discomfort was minimized by the attention that I received.

- Bobbie K

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