Patient Review By Sharon B

I've had extensive dental work including numerous root canals, caps, crowns, posts and implants. Dr. VanDusen and his dental assistant's Nancy and Pat are tremendous. While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, I got an abscess on my tooth. I went to a dentist there for a consultation and antibiotics. With the infection under control, I decided to wait until I returned home for treatment. After reviewing the x-rays from Myrtle Beach, my dentist recommended making an appointment with an Endodontist. I went on line and read reviews on area Endodotists and saw rave reviews about Dr. VanDusen. I am so grateful for the patients that wrote about what a skillful dentist he is. His office scheduled an appointment for me immediately. He was the only specialist that ever informed me that a root canal could be done from the root down into the tooth. It may sound awful having your gums cut and stitched, but really it wasn't any worse that a regular root canal. He save me the expense of getting another cap for that tooth and the pain of taking the large post out. I healed in only a few days, my gums look great and no more pain. Before the procedure, Dr. VanDusen explained several options for the root canal showing me how it would be done on the x-rays. During the surgery, he made sure I had ample amount of Lidocaine so I didn't feel a thing. The staff is very caring, funny and even called to check on me the following day. I highly recommend Dr. VanDusen and his staff in the Mt. Juliet (or Hendersonville) office(s) for all your root canal treatments.

- Sharon B

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