Patient Review By Gene T

Excellence in Service and Quality of Work. When we feel like we've been wronged we're really quick to fire off letters and write reviews. Not so much when we get good service, so this is way over due. I'm a veteran who needed a root canal and since the veterans dentist appointments are so backed up, the VA dentist sent me to an outside endodontist. I was sent to "Bluegrass Endodonics". I had always heard how bad root canals were so I was really dreading it. From the minute I walked in the office at Bluegrass Endodonics in Hendersonville the girls up front were nice, friendly, and professional. Then I was taken to "The Chair" lol. The assistant who did the xrays was friendly and professional. Then in walks "The Doctor"! Dr. Horwat. Dr. Horwat made me feel at ease right away and treated me like I was a friend he had known all his life. I could tell he was very confident in his profession. He took steps that made me actually enjoy that visit that I was so afraid of going to. For example; isolating the individual tooth by placing a small piece of rubber over my mouth to keep any of the drillings from going down in my throat. It was one of the most enjoyable dentist appointments I have ever been to. Dr. Horwat even gave me his cell number in case anything went wrong. I walked out of the office and literally bragged on Dr. Horwat and his associates for a week after the root canal. Here is the real kicker. The VA had only approved Dr. Horwat to do the root canal and put in a temporary filling. Then, because the VA couldn't schedule me in for quite sometime, the temporary filling fell out and the part of the tooth Dr. Horwat had to rebuild broke off. This is where Dr. Horwat went way above and beyond the call of duty. We called him on Tuesday and by Thursday I was back in the chair. Dr. Horwat completely re-built the tooth, put in the stud and the permanante filling at absolutely NO CHARGE. I believe I was treated so well, in part, because of my veteran status. Dr. Horwat loves to help give back to the veterans who served their country, but I know he gives everyone the same excellence in service and quality of work. I believe Dr. Horwat and his associates as well, is the best in his field in the state of Tennessee, and I would go as far as to say in the United States. I highly recommend Bluegrass Endodonics to anyone who needs a root canal. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Gene Travis

- Gene T

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