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5 out of 5 stars based on 165 reviews.

Patient Review By Debbie B

It was as pleasant as a root canal could be.

- Debbie B

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Patient Review By Jessie B

Exceptional care by staff and Dr. Sandin was the best. Highly recommend.

- Jessie B

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Patient Review By Trina D

They made you feel very comfortable. Didn’t feel any pain during procedure.

- Trina D

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Patient Review By Denise H

Everyone was terrific. I was very nervous about a root canal, they were so nice and understanding, I forgot about being so nervous. Dr. Sandlin and his nurse were “the best”.

- Denise H

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Patient Review By Joy P

This is the best office! Not only is the office classy... but the staff and the provider are even more!! I had a root canal and was nervous. They were so nice and patient. I didn’t feel the needle to numb me and didn’t feel the work!! It was great! Their chairs are very comfy too!! Love this office!! Thanks guys

- Joy P

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Patient Review By Marie M

I was extremely nervous about having a root canal, but Dr. Horwat immediately put me at ease. He showed me the Xrays and explained, in detail, where the problem was and what the procedure would be. He promised it would be painless and it was! Even today (the day after), there is barely any soreness. No Advil for the first time in weeks! I can’t recommend him highly enough and would never use anyone else!

- Marie M

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Patient Review By Geoffrey S

Very professional and efficient. Friendly and courteous too! Thank you!

- Geoffrey S

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Patient Review By Larry H

Great experience. Dr VanDusen and staff were very patient and communicated very well. Front desk staff were all great as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing treatment

- Larry H

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Patient Review By SHERI F

I can't put into words how heartfelt and thankful I am to this entire office! I had been having lower back tooth pain after a crown for a month. My dentist told me I need a root canal and I was referred to Dr. Van Dusen. I'm not a tearful or scared person, but I was gripped with fear the entire drive to the office and by the time I arrived I was shaking and in tears. Carolee and Tina were so caring and understanding and explained it was not a painful procedure and how well I would be taken care of. Rebecca was a fabulous assistant, helped calm me and even gave me a warm fleece blanket - And as simple as that seems, it really felt great. Dr. Van Dusen came in, introduced himself, reviewed my xrays/ct scan and asked about my personal history with this tooth and the pain. But when he said the words root canal, my anxiety and tears began to flow again. I was so scared. But, he said he'd take excellent care of me and that I would be numbed up well and shouldn't feel a thing. Graciously I accepted nitrous oxide. He explained everything he would be doing, showed me some of the equipment (love that rubber band ha ha) and he and Rebecca talked with me throughout the painless procedure. I can't believe I'm going to say but, this was less painful and easier than a regular routine filling. I was almost embarrassed when it was all over about how upset I had been initially. Upon leaving, Sandy was so sweet asking how I was feeling , gave me my post procedure instructions, and we went over my insurance and balances. I left feeling pretty good. I wanted to wait to write a review until this morning, (the next day) to see just how well I felt, but I'm fine. This is the first day I haven't taken Advil in about 2 weeks. I just can't believe it. While I hope I NEVER have the need for a root canal again, if I do, I'm calling Dr. Van Dusen and his staff immediately and will refer all my friends, family and coworkers, as well. I just can't say enough, how please I am. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


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Patient Review By Christopher C

Very pleasurable experience

- Christopher C

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Patient Review By Safwat F

Good service

- Safwat F

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Patient Review By Kimberly G

I absolutely love this place and it’s staff! Nancy the dental assistant was so amazing and friendly and made you feel so comfortable. Dr. Vanduesen waa so great, he explained everything before had made sure I understood it all and did such a great job! I can’t praise the whole staff enough!

- Kimberly G

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Patient Review By Brandy E

Great experience! Dr. Horwat numbed me completely and without any pain in the process! He adjusted my nite and made significant improvement after 20 visits to my previous dentist to get it resolved. Highly recommend!

- Brandy E

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Patient Review By Anna B

Dr. Sandlin was presented with a very difficult case for me and was able to save my tooth. The procedure was painless and a success!! I highly recommend the doctors and staff as each member was professional, caring, and just "awesome"!! Cannot say enough good things about this place.

- Anna B

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Patient Review By Kerri W

Becca and Dr. Horwat were wonderful! I could not ask for any better treatment.

- Kerri W

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Patient Review By Sharon B

I've had extensive dental work including numerous root canals, caps, crowns, posts and implants. Dr. VanDusen and his dental assistant's Nancy and Pat are tremendous. While vacationing in Myrtle Beach, I got an abscess on my tooth. I went to a dentist there for a consultation and antibiotics. With the infection under control, I decided to wait until I returned home for treatment. After reviewing the x-rays from Myrtle Beach, my dentist recommended making an appointment with an Endodontist. I went on line and read reviews on area Endodotists and saw rave reviews about Dr. VanDusen. I am so grateful for the patients that wrote about what a skillful dentist he is. His office scheduled an appointment for me immediately. He was the only specialist that ever informed me that a root canal could be done from the root down into the tooth. It may sound awful having your gums cut and stitched, but really it wasn't any worse that a regular root canal. He save me the expense of getting another cap for that tooth and the pain of taking the large post out. I healed in only a few days, my gums look great and no more pain. Before the procedure, Dr. VanDusen explained several options for the root canal showing me how it would be done on the x-rays. During the surgery, he made sure I had ample amount of Lidocaine so I didn't feel a thing. The staff is very caring, funny and even called to check on me the following day. I highly recommend Dr. VanDusen and his staff in the Mt. Juliet (or Hendersonville) office(s) for all your root canal treatments.

- Sharon B

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Patient Review By Debbie F

Excellent care and very compassionate treatment.

- Debbie F

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Patient Review By Joseph F

They were quick and thorough I didn’t feel any pain and was in and out and a happy overall hundred percent satisfied with this place

- Joseph F

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Patient Review By Joe H

Have been completely satisfied with the root canal treatments performed by Bluegrass Endodontics over the past several years. This was the forth and hopefully the last tooth needing this procedure but if not I will continue to use their services.

- Joe H

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Patient Review By Karla K

Dr. Horwat and his team are exceptional! From the professionalism of the office staff to make an appointment to the very caring and knowledgeable assistant who made sure I was comfortable. Thank you for explaining everything and making today a wonderful experience. Dr. Horwat is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. He takes the time to explain things and also your options.

- Karla K

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